request an estoppel

Estoppel letters are generated to provide the buyer of a property the necessary information regarding the status of the property and its finances from the Association or its management company. 


Please find below the service fees for Estoppels.  It is important to note that if a unit is in a delinquent status and held with the Associations attorney for collections that the payoff balance for the unit will need to be retained from the Associations attorney in addition to the estoppel provided by management.

  • Estoppel, Non-Expedited (within 10 business days) ————————— $250

  • Estoppel, Expedited (within 3 business days) ———————————— +$100

  • Estoppel, Delinquent Account ———————————————————— +$150

Note: These amounts are effective January 1, 2019

For estoppel requests please contact:

Unit Owners with Multiple Units

2-25 or Fewer $750 | 26-50 $1,000 | 51-100 $1,500 | 100 or More $2,500